Reaching Military Families

My name is Lisa Kendrick and I have been a missionary to the United States Military in Hohenfels, Germany since 2004. This website explains my ministry and will have deputation updates as well. 

On the Road!

Hello, today is May 19, 2021.  
I am currently in Cicero, New York and will be leaving for New York City on Saturday. I have a couple of meetings in NYC over a 2 week period and then I'll be off to North Carolina and Virginia.  God bless you as you continue to serve Him, wherever you are in the world!

About the Ministry

As an English speaking ministry in Germany, we not only have the opportunity to minister to the neigboring U.S. Military community, but also to those from many different walks of life from around the world. Whether they are Germans, U.S. Military, foreign students, refugees, or prefessionals on an extended work visa, many of these families are constantly on the move with young children giving us a very unique mission field with extraordinary potential. 

Some of these families would not consider the Gospel message while living back in their home environment, but the gospel seems to stand out just a little bit more in an unfamiliar territory. We are simply privileged and honored to reach these diverse families with the Gospel by demonstrating the wonderful love of Jesus Christ.


Message from Pastor Bill

Lisa is a missionary sent from Mountain View Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, through World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. God has called her to reach and work with the families of Hohenfels Baptist Church. Lisa is a pastor's daughter with a heart for children. She is doctrinally sound and is committed to the local church. She also has a bachelor's degree in education and extensive training in child development. She has been here at Hohenfels Baptist Church since 2004 and simply loves children. Lisa coordinates all of our children’s ministries here at Hohenfels Baptist Church, including our Sunday services, Vacation Bible School, Christmas plays, and she assists the church in a myriad of other ministries. Simply put, she is a blessing to this ministry!

After much prayer and counsel, God has led Lisa to resign from her local secular job here in Germany and enter full-time ministry. She is currently in the process of raising financial support in the U.S. and we look forward to her full-time service in this ever-changing ministry! The Bible states that children are a heritage of the Lord; and they are our future church leaders! So, please pray for Lisa and this ministry, and consider supporting her on monthly basis!

Click the picture above for a printable version of my prayer card.

Deputation Update:

I have now travelled to 30 states since arriving in the US and have travelled over 51,000 miles. As I said in my post above, I'm leaving for Arizona on Monday and will be in Arizona, back to Alabama, S. Caorolina, back to Arizona, Montana and Wyoming until May.  I have a very busy schedule in the upcoming months.

I have officially been in the states for 1 year and have traveled to 28 states and have traveled @45,000 miles.  I am missing a few states and miles because of travel bans due to COVID-19.  I was out in Montana when everything started closing and churches started cancelling meetings.  I ended up traveling back to Alabama to spend quarantine with my family. 
I started traveling again in Mid-May.  
I will be in meetings in Alabama for the next 2 weeks and then I'm heading west and will be out there until Mid-December.  

The children would often get up and sing with the Pastor on Sunday night.  Fun Times!  This was taken early on in the ministry.  These children are all adults now.